Friday, October 26, 2007

I second that and default to Chris

This is something like 9 minutes, but I don't think it's ever been said much better:

So T-Pain was here. I did not go, but my friend Ali did. I, as a rule, typically don't go to big name concerts, in a minute I'll tell you why...

The doors were supposed to open at 9pm. After nightmare parking and a decision to go valet, Ali arrived at the place only to be met with a huge line that did not move until midnight. Why? because the raging testosterone over juicing bouncers at the door felt a strange and primal urge to exhibit alpha male dominance and not let people inside. When she finally got to the door she noticed pieces of weave decorating the sidewalk around her.

After all the tag alongs played first T-Pain finally came on. Instantly, everyone pushed to the front, Ali was damn near crushed, people were trampled, and T-Pain could not be seen from the ensuing cloud of blood and fucking pepper spray, yeah, that's right, some asshole or multiple ones (it's hard to tell in the confusion) got in a fight and the cops soaked the place in mace, though Ali thnks it may have been something else like tear gas because everyone was coughing up a lung. I realize too that there is alot of racism among the cops here and most of them probably jumped at the excuse to hose a bunch of black people.

When Ali and her friends finally left, she had some dispute with the valet. They said something like hey your car is in this one place, but when she went there it wasn't there, so she made them bring it back for her. Now how ghetto does a valet have to be when you have to ask them to bring your car back for you?

As they were walking back some shooting went down in the streets and cops were everywhere. People were screaming, crying, it was like a motherfucking apocalypse, and all for some guy who wants to buy you a drank.

So, I default to the Rock who said it best, and that's all I have to say.

Friday, October 12, 2007

im coming back better than ever

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

vh1 hip hop honors

yo the tribe tribute is nice but what the fuck happened to phife's voice

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Logically Jewish

I have a friend who recently de-converted. And I know once a Jew always a Jew, not to mention his DNA is an excellent match to the tribe of Levi, but let me explain...

This guy, we'll call him J, was originally a Christian, a very charasmatic, pentecostal one. He went from that to Messianic Jew and from Messianic to Orthodox. And he was a very serious Orthodox Jew.

J lost his faith in Judaism when he noticed the favoritism rabbis often showed to Jews who were blood over converted Jews. He still believed in G-d, just no longer the teachings of rabbis noting their flaws. This spiraled him into an atheistic phase and then an agnostic one followed by a return to Christianity.

His return to Christianity, as he explained it to me, came in that it was something available to everyone, he did not feel Judaism was because of the prejudice he had seen. He followed, however, with something that made me think.

J said he was going to raise his kids Jewish. He felt Christianity, while having a teaching available to everyone, was still a poor system, because in the Christian church you take things on faith as your pastor says, but in the synogogue, people disagree and are encouraged to ask questions as well as questions are asked for the sole purpose of provoking thought. This tradtion, he says, was at the core of Christianity originally, evidenced when Christ was in the temple and the Bible says the high priests were impressed by all the questions he asked. He says this is because Christ was answering the priest's questions with questions like rabbis often do to provoke thought.

This made me think. It made me think about Christians, and it made me think about Jews. I often run into alot of racist Jews, prejudiced Jews or Jews who dislike other Jews because they aren't "Jewish enough". I've long thought this hypocrisy, because after our immense, well known history of oppression, you'd think the first thing we would have learned was that that shit is wrong. Then it made me think about Christians and the emphasis on faith, how so many Christians believe whatever they're taught unquestioningly and the direction our world is taking with this.

I have undoubtably seen time and again demonstrated the human ability to be absolutely wrong and to persist in that wrongness. I have likewise seen the human ability to hate and persecute those who are right. The greatest example in our history are those we now call prophets that were previously tormented by us for speaking the words of G-d.

These things only confirm in my mind the need to be logical, rational and honest, to disagree freely and provoke thought (which is our tradition). So why, as Jews, are we not thinking about certain things, like say prejudice? Are we, as a race, going to finally learn from our mistakes, or is G-d, in his desire to perfect us as people, going to have to put us again in slavery until we figure it out?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

happy 5768!!!

also shoshanna is gonna have my babies

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


9-11 IS HERE!!!


9-11 IS HERE!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

repost from Failed Messiah

Please Say Tehillim …

… or say a prayer or do something good to help someone in the merit of Ruhama Aliza Sara Chana bat Esther Liba, a little four-year-old Miami girl who fell into her family's pool, drowned and was resuscitated by paramedics. She's been in a vegetative state since then, on life support. Doctors say she is brain dead and want to disconnect her. The family is opposed to that. The family is looking for a facility to put her in but there appear to problems in arranging this.

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